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If I’m scare around here this week, it’s for good reason. 1) I’m trying to finish up on the final three “things” for the Learning 2.0 program (Yup! even in week 5, I’m still writing the exercises) and 2) my oldest dd is turning 7 this week and in a moment of temporary parental insanity I agreed to a teddybear/make-up sleepover party for 7 little urchins somethings. :)

Ok, time to get back on topic ... In my travels tonight, I was thrilled to see that latest issue of SLJ is now online featuring not only a short piece about Learning 2.0 (BTW: were up to 288 registered staff participants) but also a 7 minute podcast about the program. :)

Over the course of the L2 program -- BTW: It's L2 hump week. We're half way through the program -- I've collected a few quotes from participants blogs. These are among my favorites ...

Here we are today communicating en mass. Communication is the hottest learning skill there is.”

"Technology is allowing us to embark on some exciting new projects and reach our users in profoundly different ways than 5-10 years ago. It is truly a great time to be working in public libraries"

"The past two weeks at work I have witnessed our staff coming together for a common goal, teaching each other and learning more than most of us expected through that process. Yes, we are definitely having fun and I think we have reached a point where we can finally say, "There's no more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) at MPK!"

"Learn technology that will help at work? entice with cool prizes? PLCMC is on to something man! ...seriously, this is pretty cool"

Anyway, I’m off to put the final touches on “thing 21” … wish me luck in surviving the birthday hoopla.

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