Learning 2.0 Wow!!

These past 6 weeks of Learning 2.0 have kept my evenings fully occupied between 9pm and 11. With 303 registered users the ol’ Bloglines account averages about 80-120 new reads each night. I’ll be honest and tell you that most I just skim, but every once in a while a participant blogs something that just makes me smile and say, "Yes!"

This week one of the exercises asked participants to read a few perspectives from the recent OCLC Next Space newsletter and add their thoughts. There’s been lots of thoughtful posts that I have read tonight but this one from Ekat really stood out …
“What does Learning 2.0 mean to me? To me it's a great opportunity for libraries to grow and be up to date with the new technologies that are constantly emerging. When I first started working for the library as an assistant, I honestly thought that all I would be doing is checking books in and out to people and other tasks related to books. I had no idea how much new technologies and just the internet in general would impact the way we do things. I have to admit it can all be overwhelming at times. I mean I work at a library but I hardly ever get any questions about books! So times are definitely changing and that means we have to change the way we do things too. I just finished reading all of the different perspectives on Library 2.0 and they were all interesting and made a lot of good points. The one that really stood out for me was "Away from the Icebergs". In "Away from the Icebergs" I could see the point Rick Anderson was making about the "come to us" model of library service. We do need to explore different ways of bringing some our services to library patrons. It really does make things easier for our patrons and it does encourage them to use our services if they would rather do so from home or from work.”

Now this is exactly what Learning 2.0 is all about!!! Thanks Ekat for making my night!

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