On Community & Niches ...

“Have you created an online community? Is it so restricted that the flow of ideas between users is affected? It shouldn’t just be about the library connecting with the patron. It should be about connecting your patron with their niche community.

There’s been a lot of great reads that have stumbled into my RSS feeds recently. Several of them have been from my own Library’s staff (more on this later), but this one comes from Garrett Hungerford over at Library Zen. Read the full post, Community vs. Contact Card -- He makes some excellent observations.

Have just finished Chris Anderson's The Long Tail (another excellent read), I can fully appreciate the idea of helping users in niche markets connect together. And, as I've found myself repeating often lately, "Libraries aren't about US. They should be are all about THEM" (the community), these thoughts from Garrett really resonate!

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Thanks for the warm comments. Thought I'd let you know your in my RSS feeds as well. Keep up the great work!