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Those of you that have been following my blog for awhile know that I like to use Fridays to send out a salute to a member(s) of our staff who is continually helping PLCMC move forward. Our library system is fortunate to have a lot of forward-thinking staff among our ranks so its not unusual that great ideas pop up continually. Anyway ... what I'm trying to get around to saying is that innovation and forward thinking ideas don't always have to involve the use of some new technology. They can be simple (yet ground breaking) ideas too! So with this in mind ... I'm breaking out of my "technology box" a bit today and saluting an idea that doesn't involve technology - 12:15 @ Main

12:15 @ Main is a new programming venture here at the Main Library that takes programming out from behind the walls of our meeting rooms and places it smack dab in the middle of Main Library out on the floor. Library users can simply pull up a chair and sit down and listen to interesting 30-45 minute presentation or just stand and watch for a few minutes. What I love about this programming approach is that we aren't hiding one of our strongest assets behind a wall (or even an open door). The guest speaker and programming space is just there out in the open and library users can wandered by, sit down if they want and participate.

In looking at September's line-up, the programs run the gamut from Producing Documentaries for Television (Guest speaker is an award winning filmmaker) to Protecting against Home invasion (guest speaker is Police Officer Starnes) and according to Sam Shapiro, Popular Library at ML, here are some of the best attended programs since the series inception in May:

  • May 12th: THE MOURNER'S BENCH (the Margaret Garner Story)---a "one-person theatrical event" performed by Alicia Williams. This performance was tied to Charlotte Opera's performance of the opera MARGARET GARNER, which was based on Toni Morrison's novel BELOVED. .

  • June 1st: YOGA FOR BEGINNERS----certified yoga instructor Carolyn Klimas demonstrated yoga exercises that could be performed in the office or home. .

  • June 14th: AMERICAN PIE: MY SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT PIZZA-----Peter Reihnhart, Johnson & Wales instructor and author, discussed various methods of baking and preparing pizzas, and where he has eaten the best pizzas in the world.

  • June 21st: JUNGIAN DREAM INTERPRETATION----Dr. Tyas, author and psychiatrist, discussed how to interpret your dreams, and how to recognize "symbols" in your dreams.

  • July 27th: BOMBAY DREAMS-----Members of the Broadway touring company of BOMBAY DREAMS discussed what it is like to tour with a Broadway show, how "Bollywood" musicals are structured, the various plotlines and popular songs, etc. ** Noye: Highest attended program - 68 :)

  • August 21st: SISTERS-IN CRIME----A panel of eight award-winning, best-selling authors discussed what defines a "Southern mystery", their personal experiences writing and publishing mysery and crime novels, etc.

So here's my Fab Friday Salute to colleagues Susan Herzog , Senior Library Manager of Main, for being the catalyst for this great idea, Sam Shapiro, for organizing it, Tony Talent, SCO Children's Manager for promoting the idea first and to all the MOMs (Managers of Main) and staff that support this great endeavor. Well done !

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