Fab Friday Salute

Somehow Fridays seem to come around a lot quicker these days. It must mean I’m busy or perhaps it’s just a perception of age. Anyway… this Friday’s Salute goes out to Martin House, Info. Services Manager at Main Library, for his leadership and work with the Gaming Zone and all the staff members who are assisting with this effort.

This year, PLCMC was fortunate enough to receive a nice size grant from the State Library to expand our gaming programming for adults. Martin headed up writing this grant and now for his efforts has more on his plate than he’s ever known-- isn't that always the case? :) Presents, in the form of new Alienware laptops, arrived just this past week and I, for one, can't wait to see one in action. :)

Anyway, the gaming grant program is exciting and provides PLCMC with the ability to easily expand gaming all over the system. Congratulations Martin and team! This development is truly exciting!!!

Photo credit: M. House

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Martin! Woohoo!