MySpace makes news ... again

This week's edition on USN&WR (By the way this is the only magazine our household gets ... not because we subscribe to it ... but because my MIL thinks its a good Xmas gift and perhaps a way for my hubby and I to stay "politically literate") Anyway I won't digress, but I will say that the weekly mag makes for a good morning read while I wait for the coffee to brew.

This week's cover story is a MySpace story titled "Decoding MySpace: What Parents need to know about MySpace" and although the article's title might lead you to believe that it takes the scare tactic, it's emphasis is on parents having conversations (a novel idea, no?) with their kids about MySpace and internet saftey and getting involved. This may be be fine advice for parents who care or for homes that have internet access. But I think we've all seen plenty of teens in our libraries who don't have either ...

"If we lock these sites out of the schools, adults are turning their backs on kids and making them deal with these issues on their own"

Nuff said. Read the full article and then help educate someone else.

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and myspace makes the news again