Fab Friday Salute

For this Friday’s Salute, I want to send my thanks and gratitude out to all the members of PLCMC's senior staff who are taking part in Learning 2.0 challenge. Not only is nearly every member of the Library Services Leadership Group participating, but even our Assistant Director is blogging too! :)

Anyway, this Friday’s Salute goes out to an exceptional team of individuals that I work with almost daily. Your support and leadership for this endeavor is not only appreciated, but it's one the key reasons that this program has blossomed.

Thanks again… and for those of you that are a few weeks behind, don’t worry? It’s not the pace that’s important … it’s the learning and support.

Here’s a list of salutes. It’s a partial list for the moment, since I haven’t heard the OK from all yet. You’ll notice some have joined the trend of posting under a screenname, and why not? It's part of the fun! :)

listed in no particular order…

I hope to update this list later after I hear from everyone!

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