Last Monday I did my first Digital Scrapbooking show-n-tell workshop for the public at University City demonstrating a technique I’ve learned through trial and error over the last 6 years using PowerPoint. Yup! I scrapbook my kids, like most mommy-photographer-types! :)

Anyway, what I love about PP is the remarkable stuff you can do with ungrouping clipart, modifying shapes, textures and color, and working with the all the options on the drawing and picture tool bars. Honestly between PP and Photoshop Elements, I’ve never needed anything more, but when I saw this site on Tech Crunch, I just knew I had found another site to feed my digital scrapbooking addiction. Scrapblog.

The site's still in beta invite, but look at the screen shots … can’t you easily see this as a great addition to your technology training workshops?

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Jamie said...

You may have already figured this out, but if you click "Take Me There" at the top of the Scrapblog home page, you'll be able to create an account on the "old" version and start playing around.