Library Innovation: Mashup Winners Announced

Congratulations to John Blyberg and the Alliance Library System (Lori Bell & team) for their excellent entries in Talis' Mashing Up the Library competition and in helping libraries move further. I took a look at all the entries a few weeks ago and must say I was impressed. There were a lot of great ideas among the entries so to have these two ideas standout as winners says a lot.

John's entry was a neat little Go-go Google gadget that intergrates library information info (items checked out, holds list, nbew additions,etc) into Google's personalized home page.

The Second Life Library entry, of course, acknowledges the great work that the staff at the Alliance Library System are doing with Second Life.

Here are the all the entries for Talis' Mashing Up the Library competition ... and even though they didn't recieve the top prize, there lots of winner ideas in here too!

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Anonymous said...


I certainly agree that there were plenty of 'winner ideas' beyond the two to which we awarded the prizes. As you'll have seen from the site, we're reopening the competition from today, and I look forward to an ongoing stream of innovative ideas and compelling demonstrations of what is possible with a freely accessible pool of library data.