10 Tips to avoid Spyware

TechSoup offers a good article this week with ten tips for avoiding the pitfalls of nasty spyware. Of course, its inevitable if you doing any type of searching on the web that your PC is going to pick-up some malware sometime. But there are definitely some things you can do to avoid it. Fortunately for most libraries, there are competent IT folks that are taking care of protecting your network from the most dangerous kinds out there, but that doesn't let staff off the hook. Take a look at the summary list below and pay special attention to those items marked with an asterisk. These are items that every library staff member can assist with.

  1. Keep a firewall running at all times. .
  2. Make sure all Windows updates are updated promptly. **
  3. Use an anti-spyware tool with real-time protection. ** But be sure to consult your IT staff before downloading anything
  4. Don't open attachments or click links in emails from strangers. ** This can’t be said enough
  5. Only download software from a trusted source. ** Or better yet, consult your IT staff
  6. Don't visit adult sites. ** In libraries, does this really need to be said?
  7. Avoid using file-sharing programs. **
  8. Don't click pop-up ads. **
  9. Always read end-user license agreements.
  10. Surf with a fox. ** And last but not least if you haven’t discovered the FireFox yet, just do! If tab browsing isn't not enough to convince you, then this tip should!!!

Ok, nuff said. And, also be sure to read the full text.

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