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I've had a few staff inquiries lately about RSS and Newsreaders (yeah!). And even though I'm offering another Tech Talk workshop on the topic early next month, I realize for some staff that can't come soon enough.

So, if you're interested in subscribing to news feeds and need a reader - I'd recommend Bloglines to start with. It's not as slick looking as some other readers (Google Reader and NetVibes included) but it sure offers the options as an industrial easy-to-use reader for lots of feeds. In my quick search on the web, I didn't come across any instructional videos for Bloglines, but I did come across this very excellent tutorial on BetterDays.

Using Bloglines Tutorial - or how to keep up with dozen of blogs (and newsfeeds) a day

BTW: If someone knows of a good video or podcast on Bloglines, please let me know.

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