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Last week was Libraries & Information Resources week at the Higher Ed Blog Con and although I had great intentions of blogging about this for staff, with all that was on my plate it just didn't happen. But, hey - not to worry. The great thing about this unique online conference is that all the presentations (including screencasts & podcasts) are archived so that they are available when ever you want.

I've been following this conference daily and have been impressed by the not only the seer quantity of program offerings included, but more with the quality. Last week several offerings for me stood out (be sure check out the site and listen/view some of the excellent screencasts and podcasts), but the paper the intrigued me the most was John Blyberg's Patrons in the Drivers Seat: Giving Advanced Tool-sets to Library Patrons (Ann Arbor District Library's experience)

Although some readers may find the entry a bit heavy on techspeak, it's definitely worth a complete read!! What I find so wonderful about AADL's approach is that they've used the open-source creative model all over the place... from improvements to the catalog and gaming initiatives to the Picture Ann Arbor project (which allows patrons to add value to the electronic collection) and electronic signage displays -- Note: be sure to check out the sample movies too! And in true open-source style John even includes a link to the source code. :) From all that they've accomplished it's clear that AADL is doing a lot of neat and innovative things to meet users where they want to be.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the online blog conference yet - DO! It's a wealth of information and includes a lot of great presentations too!

BTW - Here's a few other topics I've enjoyed ...

Podcasting 101: The basics for Librarians Be sure to listen to the podcast presentation of the program as well.

An Online Research Toolkit - Exploring Web 2.0 for Library Research

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