Second Life - My 1st Adventure

My first foray into my second life (aka Beans Sismondi) this morning was a fun journey and it was nice to find a good crew of folks hanging around in the meet-n-greet room for the Alliance Library System OPAL broadcast. I'm still really new to this thing so all I did was a lot of looking around and talking, but here was my first impression... FUN! I can definitely see some teen programming going on in here as well as library gatherings. I grab several screen captures of the journey and have posted them up on Flickr. I also tried to capture a screencast through CamStudio, but failed when it overloaded my PC. :(

Anyway, take a look at Flickr images and perhaps check out Second Life on your own.

BTW: 2nd life pointer: You don't need to use a CC# to verify your free account, you can also do it with your cell phone ;).

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Greg Schwartz said...

Hi Helene,

Thanks for putting those pics up. We have a Flickr group for Second Life Library 2.0. It'd be great if you joined and added your pics to the pool. Nice to meet your avatar today.


Anonymous said...

I thought be interested in the cover story of the latest issue of Business Week--it's on Second Life! Check out the link:
Talk about timing.
See you online!

P.S. My avatar's name is Gypsy Galbraith BTW :)

Anonymous said...


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