PlayAway (not throw away) Audio

During a recent meeting with our Collection Management Director, I was pleased to hear that our library is looking into expanding the collection with more downloadable options inlcuding pre-loaded single-title audio books.

Although I had an image in my mind of what these might look like, it wasn't until I came across a posting about Playaway books on Library Stuff, that I actually saw a picture of one. Take a look at the PlayAway site -- I have feeling that Linda's right - this new option is going to fly off the shelves, especially with those users who love audio books, but are not savvy enough to download and transfer a mp3 or wma file to a portable device.

What do you think about this audiobook option?

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Chris said...

I can't wait to try with with our customers. Since the audiobook format is so popular, it's really hard to meet demand. Some will be content with this "format," but I'm hoping that for other customers it will be a bridge to doing their own downloads. We need to figure out a way to demonstrate downloading this kind of content, and yes, even allowing people to do it at the library.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love.

Easy to pick up, operate, and keep up with (with that handy neck strap!).

I agree with Chris that download education is important. I still see people opting for the easier route, though, for the most part.

I'd love to see a good sized collection of these in time.

Anonymous said...

Can they be re-loaded with another book when one loses its popularity? If the vendor allowed the library to download into the case whatever book we wanted and then print the cover out that would be a good service.


Muggie said...

I've seen these at Borders. They even come with earbuds. However, I suspect that will be the first part to go. I also wasn't sure about batteries from the box. Chris is right about education and I have the downloading workshop ready, just waiting on a confirmation of one room. After I do it acouple times I'll do the podcast version. I also think Rogan is doing one for the public at Virtual.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these things are pretty neat. While I think that downloadable audio is the future of audiobook collections, these could serve as a nice bridge for those people who aren't quite ready to invest in (or figure out) a portable audio device of their own.