Emerging Technology Committee

This is the announcement that I sent out less than 24 hours ago ....

Do you IM, podcast, or have your own blog or a wiki? Are you sometimes affectionately call a gadget guru? Do you enjoy spending your free time in online social spaces, such as Second Life, MySpace and/or MMOGs?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you may have some skills that could benefit the Library and the new Emerging Technology Committee.

PLCMC is establishing an Emerging Technology Committee to help the Library a) evaluate and explore new technologies for their potential use in libraries b) examine emerging social and virtual trends and c) assist in developing beta tests and/or pilot programs that support the library's mission for possible system-wide implementation.

Staff members who are interested in applying and serving on this team, should send an email (With "ETC Submission" as the subject line) to Helene Blowers with a reply to the following questions:

· What expertise can you bring to this committee?

· How would you describe yourself as a technology enthusiast?

· What are your specific technology areas of interest?

Although the committee itself will be limited to eight members, it should be noted that it is not necessary to serve on the committee in order to participate or champion a new idea. All Emerging Technology Committee meetings will be open for all staff members to submit ideas, champion potential projects, and attend/observe the meeting should they desire to. And, as the committee moves forward in evaluating and piloting new technologies there will be many opportunities for staff involvement and participation.

Please view the New Team Member Request form which is attached.

Thank you

... And what's best is that I already have several excellent submissions! :)

A note to all PLCMC staff - if you're interested, by all means please throw your name into the ETC pot. With so many possiblities for involvement, I have a feeling there's going to be lots to explore!!!! :)

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