Wondering what may be ahead?

In my searching for more information about the MS Wallop project, I stumbled across Microsoft’s Research site outlining various projects that they are working on in the Social Computing group. Take a look at the size and breathe of the projects (small sampling below):

Sapphire: We model the user experience after the way people (vs computers) think, feel, organize and remember.

Visual Summaries
: Sapphire Data Visualization and Summarization.

Conversation Clusters
: Grouping email conversations based on text indexing.

Personal Map: Modeling contacts, communication groups, and social network (also a project with Outlook integration)

Microsoft Research Connections:
Online social map that allows users to develop an awareness of the informal, dynamic groups and projects in Microsoft Research, and navigate for information using the connections between people and groups.

And more. Way,way, wayyyyyyyyy, much more! & all this from only one of their ten separate research areas.

NTS - I really need to consider a move to Redmond. :)

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