In the coming weeks, I’ll be partaking in an online journey with 50 other enlisted volunteers from around the country in ALA’s library 2.0 Innovation BootCamp. Although in some ways I think I’m pretty much already on board with all this L2.0 stuff, I signed on to participate in this endeavor hoping to take away as much from it as I can to offer it. My selfish interest is to take away enough knowledge and ideas that will help me jump start a Learning 2.0 initiative for my library’s own staff later this year. Ideas are formulating as we speak and if we can find funding for the entire project (isn’t that always the question? – especially this time of year), then I think the journey’s going to be a fun one for all staff involved. Ok enough, sorry to digress…

My unselfish reason for my involvement is to lend whatever expertise and knowledge to the effort that I can with the hopes that the program will be a model for libraries everywhere who may be having difficulties getting their staff (and/or Administration) to see all the potential in what these new technologies (and social trends) offer us.

Anyway, as part of the project each participant must maintain a blog. I plan to keep this blog Library Techbytes still focused as I always have (on new technologies, libraries & bits of interest) and stuff related to the course over at my BootCamp project blog (

In the mean time, if you’re interested in following along, there's a list of reading resources that have already been provided by the drill sergeants (Michael Stephens & Jenny Levine) and if I’m a little bit scarce around here in the coming weeks, just look for me over in BootCamp trenches :) .

Library 2.0 BootCamp Reading List (hosted on Squidoo)

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