2 Things : World's smallest training handout & JumpCut

Thing 1:

I had to both laugh and applaud when James passed around his training handout for the staff Tech Talk workshop on Weblogs this week -------->

What a perfect way to introduce staff to the concept of using a blog as an information tool !! Thanks James for a great class !

Thing 2:

I forget where I stumbled across the mention of this web application, but after playing around with it a bit last night, I can guarantee you that this will be a site I revisit again and again.

Online video editing and remixing -- now that's cool!


PS: Haven't got anything of my own to show yet, but I've been having a lot of fun remixing others. :)

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Anonymous said...

That handout is brilliant! I think that (maybe because we work in libraries) we have this deeply ingrained belief that for something to be relevant, it needs to be on paper. For better or worse, technology is changing that. And we have a responsibility to conserve resources by using technology to save resources such as paper, ink, time, money, etc. I love that the library has blogs, and I hope we start to see more of them. Thanks for always keeping us up-to-date!