Fab Friday Salute

With a much needed break consuming most of my July, it’s time not only to get back to posting on a regular basis, but also to resume the Fab Friday Salute. This Friday’s salute couldn’t be more appropriate, especially after last week’s vote of fear by the House of Representatives in favor of DOPA. Education is always key, especially when dealing with unknown and that’s why I wish we could run every 410 uniformed members of the H of R through our Library’s latest program for parents titled MySpace for Parents.

So today’s well earned salute goes out to Matt Gullet & Jesse Vieau, both on staff at ImaginOn, who have done an outstanding job in tackling this subject. In July they presented two very successful programs that have been highlighted by local media.

Take a look for yourselves. Here’s the story from News 14 and accompanied video

Thanks Matt & Jesse for taking the lead in developing this informative and useful program. Do you think we might be able persuade you to modify this program a bit and take it on a road show to DC? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who assisted in putting this together, for it was truly a team effort. Jesse for his MySpace Library Loft page creation and leadership, and his overall expertise in using MySpace to interact with teens. Kelly Czarnecki for the initial ideas that emerged into the MySpace for Parents workshop, and her relentless advocacy for an informed staff and profession about DOPA and social networking. Robin Bryan and Michele Gorman for their support in putting this together and offering it around the system. The Tech Ed staff (Mary, Russ & Barry) for answering phone calls and questions from interested parents and media.