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My site id when I signed up for the free trial was below 500 for the free trial, so I know I’m among the few (relatively speaking when you look at the size of the web) who have tried out this new amazing tool. offers a free 30 trial that provides heat, click and hover maps of your website. All you need to do is signup, add a small bit of javascript to your homepage and away you go. I used the new Learning 2.0 homepage hosted on Blogger -- That’s the one thing I love about Blogger; it’s easy to modify the style sheet and HTML code – to try it out and know that this will be a 'must do' when we preview the new PLCMC website for staff & patrons in the next few weeks.

It’s probably not the best tool to test on a blog site since the main content on the page updates so frequently. But since I plan to keep the initial announcement about this program up for two more days, I thought it might be interesting.

Below is a screen capture of the heat map. I think it’s important to note that this web service only really measures what users click on on where the mouse hovers on your webpage, not how a users eyes do. Even still, this tool can offer an amazing insight into how users navigate around your homepage to find things. Try it out.

Click on image to enlarge. This capture only shows the clicks gathered in the first 15 minutes -- just long enough for me to whip up this post (35 clicks).

It will be interesting to check out the map again after a day or two.

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