Web 2.0 - 24 M Documentary

Just discovered a "Discovery Resource" for Learning 2.0 enthusists interested in Web 2.0 discussions from the business perspective. Featuring 8 CEOs from big Web 2.0 startups ... interesting

My Favorite definition from the video -- "Web 2.0 is about empowering the little guy to compete against the big guy." I wonder which "guy" are libraries?

Discovered on TechCrunch
Video hosted on Photobucket


Anonymous said...

This may not be an answer, but is an interesting point that might be something to recognize and ponder. Charles Handy makes the point in an HBR article (May/June 1995) "Trust and the Virtual Organization," that 'since the lifeblood of libraries is information, it's not surprising that they've led businesses in confronting virtuality.' I honestly think that if one were to compare a library on a somewhat equal playing field/perspective with business you'd see more innovation and creative thinking in libraries than similar sized (i.e., per capita) businesses. Yes, there will be exceptions, but overall and as a whole it does equal out on the side of libraries.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by a German fellow that had a very interesting take on the Web 2.0 concept:

Funny how I that I have only heard Web 2.0 in the last six months or so, but I see references to Web 2.0 as far back as two years ago. Guess, I've still got my head in the sand.....