Wake up, it's a Renaissance!

A great new blog (& L2 participant), YouthTech, points to a fantastic resource for discusions and insights about teens, Gen Xers, Millenials -- OK, let's just stop labeling them -- and just start calling them library users!!
"The longstanding belief that we live in a society in decline is a paradigm ready for retirement. On the contrary, we are poised for re-birth. Just look around you. Why do teenagers turn up in record numbers to poetry slams and post original short stories on their blogs? Why do 63 percent of Americans cite reading for pleasure as their preferred leisure activity? Why is a public library in Ohio, deluged with requests when it announces the availability of books on tape for legal download into iPods?... The world is poised for a second Renaissance."

Why not join the discussion and wake up to the rennaiasance - RenGen: An open forum on the rising clout of culture and creativity!

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