Learning 2.0 & Tech Summit

Yesterday, after two very engaging and thought provoking presentations by Michael Stephens & Michael Casey -- BTW: What a pleasure it is to get these two guys in the same room -- the Learning 2.0 Program that I’ve been working on for the past few months was finally unveiled.

Stephens and Casey were both great and offered lots for both staff from our library and neighboring public and academic libraries to think about. I don't have time to blog about their awesome presentations myself, but Lauren already did it well here. Anyway, it was a great day and I’m just pleased have this program launched and am looking forward to giving away a lot of MP3 players come October’s All Staff Day.

For any PLCMC or neighboring library staff who attended, please be sure to provide us feedback about the summit. The evaluation URL was on the blue program sheet. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did … and further yet, I hope you join in the Learning 2.0 journey.

Thanks for a great day Michael Stephens & Michael Casey. It was wonderful!

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