Google Catalog -- Library catalog!!

Google announced today a new feature - Google Library Catalog Search:

"Today, we're launching the Library Catalog Search feature in Google Book Search, designed to help casual readers and bookworms everywhere find gems in the libraries around the world. Queries on Google Book Search will automatically include results from library catalogs when appropriate. Each result includes a "Find Libraries" link to help readers find libraries that hold the book -- ideally a library nearby, or if need be, a library far away."

You can also search directly for titles ‘In library catalog” through advance book search

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Mary said...

The Google Search adds more search options, but certainly has some bugs. I like the idea of searching on words and phrases. To look for specific titles and authors the new World Cat public search engine is really nice. And it can be incorporated on your webpage as I did on Bull Run Library Website. I will also add a link to the google search option too.