Tagging? Anyone have good ideas?

With 6 weeks of content written and podcasted for the Learning 2.0 project, I’m working on Tagging & Folksonomy stuff this week. Yup, I didn’t have all this stuff completed before I launched the program. So for those staff asking can they have all the discovery exercises in advanced? Sorry! I’m still working on some of them. :)

Anyway, The reason for my post is this… I’m stuck at coming up with a good discovery exercise for Tagging. By week 6 in the program, all the participants will have been exposed in some small way to Flickr and LibraryThing (both which utilize tags nicely). I was actually hoping to introduce participants to tagging with social bookmarking sites such as of Furl during this week, but in trying to develop a simple exercise I’m running into a problem. Both sites utilize browser add-ons/buttons to easily access and tag websites of interest. This is probably ok for many of our staff utilizing staff PCs, since the image on their machines may not prohibit the addition of these. But for the majority of our staff in Circ areas, they will not be able to install these on their locked down machines. (Circ machines are locked to decrease malware installations that can affect access to the ILS and core functions) So, the question is…

Does anyone have a good suggestion for simple bookmarking tagging exercise that staff could do that doesn’t require the installation of shortcuts?


Anonymous said...

Hi Helene.

I think you'll be able to use despite the restrictions on the computers. Can users of these computers add favorites to Internet Explorer? If so, you can add "My" and "post to" as favorites. If you move these favorites to the LINKS folder of the IE favorites, you've got browser buttons for them. No installation required.

Anonymous said...

You could create gmail accounts for them and tag ("label") emails.

You could also add tags at LibraryThing.