Fab Friday Salute

Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Soul Calibur II gaming tournament showdown. This tournament was a summer long system-wide effort of eight participating branches which culminated in a great finale. I was lucky enough to catch a little bit of the action along with guests MS and MC and it was great to see these kids having fun while being supported by parents, siblings and even branch staff.

So this Friday’s salute goes out to all staff who assisted and supported this great 1st time summer gaming tournament:

Steele Creek
South County Regional
North County Regional
Freedom Regional
Morrison Regional
Mountain Island

Yes, the smiles on these faces say it all! Well done!!

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

Thanks Helene. We hope to continue having gaming tournaments for teens in the system. Many branches joined that had never had a gaming event before-those are the brave souls! and found the tournament a viable program, and continued gaming at their branch.