Fab Friday Salute

I’ve been holding off on announcing this well earned Fab Friday Salute for more than a month now. Partly because there was so many other things going on and partly because we wanted to have at least one month of a quiet pilot under our belt before sharing this news. Thanks to the amazing programming work of our very excellent Web Services department, specifically Chuck Rigney and Curtis Hammond, PLCMC is now able to offer patrons the ability to pay for fines & fees by credit & debit card within the branch at the Catalog Kiosk.

Currently 3 locations are live with the online application and more will be added in the coming the weeks as we scale the application’s use up for both processing and the business office. By the end, patrons will also be able to pay for fines & fees from home online – yeah!

So … Thank you Chuck & Curtis for your weeks of long hard work on this project. You definitely knocked the ball out of the ballpark with this one and the best thing is … we don’t have to pay a vendor an annual fee for it. :) Great work!

PS: For those that are interested, I’ll grab screen captures of the application soon.

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ash966 said...

St. Paul Public is planning on offering credit card payment, so we would be interested in seeing screen shots.


Chris said...

I am trying to convince my local public library to offer a similar service - could you post some additional information about the technologies involved, time it took, how you avoided processing fees/ annual fees, etc. and then I can point my contact at the library to your post. Thanks and keep up the great work (including the blogging - chris